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Take a moment to browse through some of our products and services. Keep in mind, we do custom fit parts for every project so that we do not have to modify your vehicle. We will make parts that don’t exist so you can get exactly what you want.

Audio Products and Installation

Clear highs, smooth mid-range and thumping low end can make your favorite music come alive.  

Our Team of Specialists knows amps, speakers, head units and mobile technology inside and out and will recommend the perfect car stereo solution. 

In addition to the latest car audio gear, we sell wiring harnesses, subwoofer boxes and installation kits for many popular makes and models.  

Visit our showroom! You can see and hear all of the latest gear firsthand. We have head units, amps, speakers and more on display for you to ask questions about, experience and enjoy.

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Car stereo systems

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GPS and navigation systems

Bluetooth accessories

Installation kits

Wiring harnesses

Cables and accessories


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Video Products and Installation

There are several options available for rear seat entertainment system.

The first option is to install headrest monitors. These monitors range in size between 5 and 7 inches and are installed directly into the front headrests. You are able to hook these monitors to DVD players or gaming systems that can be stored under the seat or in a central console unit. 

The second option for rear seat entertainment is the fold-down monitor that is attached to the roof of the car; also they can fold up and out of the way for convenience. Most systems have a DVD players built into the unit, which saves space. These systems usually have A/V inputs that allow passengers to attach other audio and video equipment like gaming systems and even laptop computers.  

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GPS Navigation System

There’s a difference between the stock navigation systems in many of today’s cars and trucks and a custom-installed GPS unit. Our navigation systems dynamically update their maps based on the latest satellite data, It really is the best way to navigate.

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Satellite Radio

Sirius radio Systems for your car or boat offers some great advantages over any type of current setup with a AM/FM radio. Having Sirius radio wherever you spend the majority of your time is a great way to listen to music, and sports at your convenience. 

Your favorite Sirius radio can be listened to from anywhere in the world. 

The sound quality is also significantly better with Sirius radio over the more traditional form of radio. You get a clear sound and a better overall listening experience with Sirius radio.

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sirius radio

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HD Radio

More than just the broadcast of your local AM and FM stations, HD radio includes a digital broadcast. This digital broadcast includes many additional features including signals for text data, which means you can receive the name of the song and it’s artist while the song is playing!

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hd radio

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Bluetooth technology is most often used with hands-free ear pieces and wireless speaker systems and communicate wirelessly with cell phones and other devices. You can also take advantage of this technology with your car’s stereo!

By integrating Bluetooth technology into your car stereo, you can make phone calls with ease by using your speakers to hear your caller and making or receiving phone calls without ever touching your phone. Most importantly you’re able to keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel while talking on the phone. Many Bluetooth devices also make it easy to play music from your device to the car stereo. 

There are three easy ways to add Bluetooth technology to your car: a universal Bluetooth kit, a vehicle-specific adapter that connects to your factory radio and a stereo with built-in or add-on Bluetooth capability.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS or GLONASS technology to locate your vehicle. The information can be seeing on electronic maps using the Internet or through specialized software.  

This system has 3 customizable outputs for functions like locking your doors, unlocking doors, pop trunk, remote start your engine and locate your vehicle

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vehicle tracking

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Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are an excellent way for people to avoid getting ticketed for speeding, now you can purchase radar detectors that are completely stealthy and look like any other car audio device. You no longer need to mount them on your dash, and they now come in different shapes and sizes that don’t look like traditional radar detectors.

GPS technology has become more and more common, it has even been built into radar detectors. The best radar detector will have a stored database of things like stop-light cameras and common speed traps. These devices are also quite stealthy because they simply look like a standard GPS navigation device. Some radar detectors have built-in GPS navigation; it serves the dual function of giving you step-by-step directions to your destination, while also highlighting on the digitized map where radar activity may be located. 

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radar detector

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Security Systems

Introducing the DroneMobile Security SystemFeatures include: 

Adds maximum security,keyless entry, and GPS tracking to your vehicle. Control and track your vehicle using your smartphone and make sure your vehicle is always safe.

Compatible with IOS and Android devices.

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security system

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Remote Starters

If you would like to upgrade your car with a remote start package, we’ve got you covered! With years of experience, working with all makes and models of vehicles, we can get your remote start kit installed and working correctly, quickly and efficiently, we can customize a package to suit your exact needs. 

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Remote Starters

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Backup Cameras

The point of a back up camera system is to give the driver visual access to blind spots. The camera records those areas, and then transmits the signal to a monitor in the center console area. Due to the intricacies of monitor installation, most consumers prefer that the back up camera system be professionally installed.

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backup cameras

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